The next generation of Hi-Brix Hybrids


Additions to the "Passion" series created at our farm include

new varieties mankind has never seen, touched, or tasted before.

Breeding was conducted through selective, controlled pollination.

Male Pollenators Utilized

Cornell - white corolla (USA), Smith - pink corolla (USA),

Hortgem Tahi - white corolla (NZ), Hortgem Tahi - pink corolla (NZ)

New varieties were observed for taste (Brix), size, blush, shelf-life, and consumer response.  Hybrid vines are being assessed for management characteristics and annual production.









 Unprecedented and Noteworthy Refractometer Readings


There are approximately sixty-seven species and well over one hundred thousand different varieties of the Actinidia kiwi genus.  50.7 is the highest Brix reading ever recorded for any variety of any species of kiwi fruit.

Refractometer readings were taken at the end of starch to sugar conversion which demonstrates the true potential of the hybrid varieties.